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Designing is one of the essential and initial parts of the sublimation process. And it has to be very good to take your products to the next level. Whatever the printing business you are running or thinking about to start, designing will be the compulsory part. You make the design by implementing your creative ideas through the best sublimation design software. To make the design much better and more accurate with so ease, you always need some specific and quality software. And that is what we are gonna discuss about all the free and paid best sublimation design software with their designing abilities and their pros and cons.

Sublimation Software

Before we dive into the detail of all the amazing design maker sublimation design software. Let me tell you about all the factors we have experienced while designing for our business to consider when going for any designing software. First of all, you should know the design you are gonna make. Is it possible with the free version of limited options or need paid software for premium options? Although there are some free designing software that makes quality designs if your budget allows you for the paid software, you must go for to have epic designs for sublimation.

The second one is a customized and easy user interface and the third one is third-party plugin support software to play more with the design until you make it heroic. And the fourth one is the type of editing to look in software because it depends on your need. But make sure to read all the guides before going for the software.

10 Best Sublimation Design Softwares

Let’s take a look at the best sublimation design software. And that produces amazing results and even more than the expectations when playing in the right direction with the features of all the given sublimation design apps. Have a look at the list of sublimation design softwares;

  1. Adobe Photoshop
  2. Adobe Illustrator
  3. Adobe InDesign
  4. GIMP
  5. Inkscape
  6. Pixlr
  7. Sketch
  8. CorelDraw
  9. Gravit Designer
  10. Affinity Designer

Let’s talk in detail about each and every single software to help you out in choosing the suitable software for your design. Because many people don’t understand the software offers and they purchase the software just knowing it as design software. So, be sure to have all the knowledge about the software before purchasing that particular design software.

1. Adobe Photoshop

The first preference that comes from our side is Adobe Photoshop is the most popular editing and designing software all around the world. A person who is connected to designing must have known the importance of this amazing software. Because it has got the ability to make customizing designs to have beautiful sublimation on the desired material. It’s basically an image and graphic editor with handy plugins and graphic editing tools to make your design eye-catchy and attractive. 3D extrusion can easily be done through this software if you know how to use this software.

And the beauty of this software is, you can easily learn online on any platform. Adobe Photoshop works on pixels-based designing and provides you with an ultimate design and clear images with clean pixels. If you are looking for the best interface, graphic designing, banner ads, and photo editing to have incredible results for sublimation as well, photoshop is the only option to go for. It has a subscription plan for a year of $20.99 and also for a month of $31.39 and you get 7 days free trial with this subscription. But remember, this plan is for a single app as you more spend money, more the apps you will get.

2. Adobe Illustrator

Another masterpiece from Adobe is Adobe illustrator. Which is actually a vector-based creative graphic editor and design-developed program to create your design with different colors, shapes, effects, and typography. It can help you in making logo designing and you can create amazing designs on this quality software. And you will get also amazing results after printing if you have used the quality sublimation printer as well. A great product and a companion of Adobe photoshop has a lot of tools to offer to draw your favorite designs or edit the already made design.

It is one of the best software for designing because it has the ability to provide you with an easy, helpful, and flexible user interface. And to customize your design through all the in control available options. It also provides you with panel editing to work on multiple images at a time to draw a more creative design. It’s not pixel-based software but the graphics are mathematical equations based to print in any dimension. It has also a subscription plan for the personal use of $9.99, but if you want to use it for your business, you must go for $33.99.

3. Adobe Indesign

An industry-standard design Adobe InDesign software is another fantastic piece of Adobe. It helps the designers to produce some incredible designs for the sublimation printers to sublimate on the material. It is basically a typesetting software that helps in designing banners, ebooks, newspapers, business cards, flyers, and all the other designing stuff. It creates a high level of designs with many text settings and is available in different versions as well.

You can easily export all your files from this user-friendly InDesign software in different file types. And have got the quality of censorship the design any part and the prepared design can be optimized by adding text or applying some other artistic effects. Also, good for designing the table. Adobe Indesign is expensive software and doesn’t offer a free trial before the paid subscription. It has a monthly subscription of $20.99, but if you want to have full creative cloud, need to pay $52.99 for a month.


GIMP is the best raster graphics editor for manipulating images and retouching the images. It’s totally free and open-source software and works with layers. And again it’s all depends on the editing type. You must know the design type whether it’s raster graphics or vector graphics. To make your image design perfect and suitable for the sublimation, the GIMP helps in photo editing and transcoding between different images. It has the quality of providing all the important features related to editing.

Learning is easy on this software, if the beginner is looking to create the design for sublimation, GIMP is a good option to start from. Its advanced image design editing and customizations force the designers to make some amazing image designs for sublimation. You can use this free software for your sublimation to have customized and optimized designs.

5. Inkscape

Another free open source excellent graphic design software that makes your design so attractive. The user-friendly Inkscape has a lot of features to offer with ready-made plugins and preset filters to produce a high-quality design with so ease and in less time. There are also more features of Bitmap tracing, file formats, grouping the object, the distribution, alignment, movement of node, and text support.

Advance functions of node editing and supporting the SVG format make this software unique among the other software. It’s efficient and functional software that helps the designers to make your required design. And it’s super easy to start because it is free software and you don’t need to get any subscription plan. You just need to download and install it and be ready to start making designs for the sublimation.

6. Pixlr

A cloud-based image editor ensures the designer creates or edits the required image. And make it into amazing design through our smarter designing tools. Actually, that helps the designer to create all the customized designs with so ease and much faster to make your sublimation look more beautiful on the material. Pixlr software has a lot of features like social media integration, built-in templates, import from the web, enhancement tools, removing the object, batch editing, and text tool as well.

And if you are using mobile, you can download this app on ios and it’s accessible from any browser. There is a free version of pixlr, where you can prepare your design. But also is offering two monthly subscriptions plan with the package of $4.99 and $14.99. Obviously, the subscriptions plan has some premium features that make the design much better than made on the free version. But it also depends, if your requirements are fulfilling, don’t need to purchase.

7. Sketch

The sketch is one of the easiest with advanced and creative user interface software for vector-based graphics. And you can use it on your mobile as well with the web. Many built-in responsive templates and supportive plugins help the designer to play with the plugins and advanced features to build dreamy designs. The best part of this software I like and need to be encouraged is that it automatically saves every step while making the design.

So, if you lose the design by facing any type of error, it will be saved and you can easily access your design. Well, it allows you to draw any size of design and you can make some adjustments to that design by changing the size of the design. A perfect designing tool with a lot of extensive applications to produce customized designs easily. But it’s not free, you have to purchase their yearly subscription plan of $99.

8. CorelDRAW

Another flexible and easy user interface is CorelDraw software with tons of built-in templates and gradients. And that makes it easy for the user to create their favorite design on their favorite software. And that also takes less time while designing but if you manage to grab the premium plan. Once you got the plan, you get those options that make the design with the seconds or minutes. It’s also a vector-based designing software that helps to design brochures, cards, and all the other stuff related to vector-based graphics. It allows the importing and exporting in multiple different formats and starts from AutoCAD.

Also, all the things get done very quickly with quality design and that is what the designer wants to have. But an epic design always takes a lot of time. It’s not free software because you have to pay for their subscription. It has a monthly subscription of $16.50, but if you want to pay for one time in life. You will get the full version with a worth of $474.

9. Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer is an HTML-based coded software that brings a lot of creative ideas with the functions and it’s an easy dashboard. And that provides a lot of options and ease to draw whatever the design they want to have for the sublimation. A perfect sublimation designing software that helps the designers to edit their vector graphics easily.

A customizable interface software has various file exports formats, drag and drop functionality, and has various designing tools as well like Lesso, Pen, and Bezigon. The main benefit of the Gravit designer is that it’s free and you can generate some amazing designs through only free versions. Although there is also a yearly pro subscription of $50.

10. Affinity Designer

If you are looking for software that has a combination of both the pixels and the vector designing type, Affinity designer is the designing software to consider. It has got the quality of locking the objects by offering the features of snapping options and grid systems. It has also the ability to zoom your design a thousand and millions of times. This software is more like Adobe illustrator and cheaper as well.

An essential software that can make brilliant design for sublimation by using a smooth and easy interface. Well, the beginner can also take benefit from this easier software to learn and make quick designs. You can get this Affinity designer by paying only a one-time cost of $4,499.0.

Best Free Sublimation Design Softwares

Multiple free sublimation design softwares take your design to the standard level. But here we are discussing the top 10 free design software for sublimation. These software’s have been experienced by the team of graphic designers and we have got brilliant results. And found these free software user-friendly and easy user interfaces with a lot of features for beginners as well. But need to spend more time than the professional designers.

  1. GIMP
  2. Pixlr
  3. Gravit Designer
  4. Inkscape
  6. SVG-Edit
  7. DAZ 3D
  8. Canva
  9. Vectr

We will leave the first 4 design software because they have already been discussed in detail. We will talk about the remaining free software to guide you about the designing abilities and some unique qualities of every software than the other one.


Easelly is a free sublimation design software infographic tool with a simple interface and is easy to use. You can prepare the infographic design better and more importantly, you don’t need to be an expert designer. Because it can create an amazing design with the ready-made templates or by starting from the beginning makes it easy for beginners as well.

It has a lot of features to offer that include Dynamic charts, image file formats, text menu, gird view. Also, designed templates, and background customization to create a good-looking design. It doesn’t save the data automatically and you will have to save all the designs after completing every step. So, if you face any technical error while designing, your design should be saved.

2. SVG-Edit

A reliable web-based and friendly with every browser SVG edit tool is free sublimation software for Epson and open-source software. It’s known for creating vector-based two-dimensional graphics images and charts. It’s also scalable and you won’t lose your design resolution while changing the size of the design. It edits SVG and can be downloaded in most browsers.

You can make the design within the browser without installing any additional software. Best software to complete all the designing simple talks fastly with ease. You can export the final results to JPG, BMP, GIF, and all the other famous web formats.

3. DAZ 3D

If you want to create 3d graphics, DAZ 3d is one of the best options to create your favorite design for sublimation. DAZ is offering a lot of features like morphing tools, facial expressions, and movements. It also has got the ability to provide you 3d content modeling and animation with a 3d creation tool. It is combined with a couple of more graphic design tools like Hexagon and Genesis 8 to create 3D rigged humans models.

Actually, it is a universal software with a lot of extra features to create a masterpiece. It’s a little bit difficult to use for the starters but those who are professionals and unaware of this tool. They should have to use this to create some extraordinary designs for the sublimation.

4. Canva

Another free and more easy to use graphic tool Canva than any other tool. Plenty of templates and fonts are there of every niche to play with the design. And can also be created from the scratch. It can be used to make posters, logos, images, and other stuff related to this. This is totally beginner-friendly software that creates amazing designs by utilizing all the features.

You can create customized image designs and photo designs with so ease. The features include adding text to photos, image cropper, text animations, video resize, and video transitions. You can export your results into multiple file formats like JPG, PNG, and SVG.

5. Vectr

Vectr is another free and easy-to-use tool for vector-based graphic designers. It designs vector graphics easily and the beauty of this software is that you don’t need to have immense knowledge about this tool. You can start immediately and keep trying until you get the required results. It includes the features of fills and strokes, pen tool, gradients, aligns elements, arrange elements, and shape tools.

Best Paid Sublimation Design Softwares

  1. Adobe Photoshop
  2. Adobe Illustrator
  3. Adobe InDesign
  4. CorelDraw
  5. Gravit Designer
  6. Affinity Designer
  7. Pixlr
  8. Sketch
  9. Canva

We have explained all these paid software in deep detail and don’t need to discuss them again. So, without wasting your time let’s go down to the conclusion.

Final Thoughts

All the things about the paid and free design software have been successfully described. Now the question is that what is the best program to use for sublimation? The answer is that all the paid tools give brilliant results and should be used by professionals and beginners should go for the free software. And the beginners don’t need to go for purchasing paid tools until they don’t get the designing sense and how to make sublimation designs.

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