How to make sublimation brighter

How to Make Sublimation Brighter

Printing your brighter and higher contrast design through a sublimation printer is the best way of creating a design into an attractive and noticeable print. Because it has got the quality of creating ease by … Read more

sublimation on canvas fabric

How to Sublimate on Canvas in 2022

Sublimation has been a great way of printing outstanding images and attractive designs. But it always requires 100% polyester material to print your desired design through a sublimation printer. And interestingly, you can sublimate on … Read more

Types of Sublimation

Types of Sublimation in 2022

Sublimation is a printing process that uses ink and heat to transfer an image into a material or fabric. A dye or pigment transfers from one form into paper in this printing method. There are … Read more

Sublimate on Wood

How to Sublimate on Wood?

Sublimation is actually a process that is used for printing your desired design with vibrant colors onto the blank surface. Many kinds of alloys and materials are used for sublimation, and sublimating on wood is … Read more

Sublimation vs DTG

Sublimation vs DTG Printing

Are you looking for the best printing method to print gorgeous images on your T-shirts? Congrats! We have got the solution. We have brought both printing methods in detail with their pros and cons and … Read more

Sublimation Projects

Sublimation Project Ideas 2022

Sublimation is usually done with polyester fabrics or with sublimation blanks – things like coasters coated to accept the sublimation ink. These projects do not work with cotton. You will not sublimate into cotton t-shirts … Read more

Sublimation Printer

Best Sublimation Printers for 2022

Struggling to find a quality sublimation printer for your business? No worries, we are here with the list of the ten best sublimation printers. Since the advent of affordable and ergonomic sublimation printers, now more … Read more