How to Sublimate on Canvas in 2022

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Sublimation has been a great way of printing outstanding images and attractive designs. But it always requires 100% polyester material to print your desired design through a sublimation printer. And interestingly, you can sublimate on canvas even if the material is non-polyester. When it comes to non-polyester material, you will need to do one step before going for printing the design that you made on software. Sublimation spray will be required to complete this step by preparing the canvas.

After this step, you can go for the sublimation on the prepared material. We have tried sublimation on different kinds of materials and also got different results. Because the printing quality doesn’t depend only on the material. It also depends on the sublimation paper, ink, and the printer itself to get the best results. And canvas is one of them which gets amazing results. If you do it properly step by step by understanding all the factors that this process needs to be completed. In this article, we will cover everything about how you can sublimate your favorite designs on canvas.

How to sublimate on canvas

Sublimation on Canvas

Sublimation on canvas is as simple as sublimation on other materials. But what you need to do is to make sure that all the given instructions in this guide should be followed respectively. And you will be able to sublimate easily on canvas after using all the materials required for the project in the right direction. Because you don’t be successful until you don’t go with the right strategy.

Step 1 – Spraying the sublimation area

If the material is non-polyester, spray with the sublimation coating spray to the canvas where you want to sublimate. So that the area is sprayed before printing to get the high-quality print. More importantly, remove the canvas frame if it doesn’t let the heat press easily. Because the preparation of canvas totally depends on canvas size and your heat press.

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Step 2 – Place canvas in heat press

Now, it’s time to keep the canvas into your heat press for almost 15 seconds to dry that place where u have sprayed. And you will see the sprayed area a little bit hard.

Step 3 – Spray again sublimation place

In this step, you will have to spray again that place where you want to sublimate and place that canvas into the heat press for almost 15 seconds. This is the way you can prepare your canvas for the next level of printing.

Step 4 – Take your design to a Sublimation printer

After preparing the material, bring the design that you have made by using photoshop or through any other software. Because the design will be printed through a sublimation printer onto the sublimation paper.

Step 5 – Get print onto the canvas

Now it’s time to take your sublimation print and place it onto the canvas. And we will recommend using gripping tape of high temperature to fix your design on the canvas. So that the design comes perfectly on the material to avoid any kind of disturbance while sublimation on canvas.

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Step 6 – Apply heat press

In this step, you will simply press the heat press for 45 seconds. But always make sure you are sensibly doing all good with all suitable techniques. And be sure that the design is not overheated. Because one mistake can destroy all your hard work.

Step 7 – Remove canvas and process done

When the 45 seconds get completed, then remove the canvas carefully. Now you are succeeded in doing sublimation on canvas easily and the canvas will be hot to touch. So don’t touch the material until it gets cool. If you had removed the frame of the canvas before the process, then reassemble it with any tape or some kind of glue.

Step 8 – Cut the canvas excessive area

If your canvas has more space around the design, you can cut that area easily with sandpaper or anything like that.

List of the materials required

1- Sublimation printer

Sublimation printer prints the high-quality design without creating a disturbance with no time. And it will help your choice design to be printed that you want to sublimate on the material. Sublimation printer offers different colors such as white and black as well. But these colors have a little bit of difference in their process.

2- Sublimation spray

Sublimation spray has been specially added if your material is non-polyester. To prepare the material for the process, it will be used. So, if your material isn’t polyester, you can make your material polyester in this way.

3Sublimation spray

Sublimation spray has been specially added if your material is non-polyester. To prepare the material for the process, it will be used. So, if your material isn’t polyester, you can make your material polyester in this way.

4- Sublimation paper

Sublimation paper is used to absorb and retain the sublimation ink. And it will be released onto the material through a heat press. When sublimation paper absorbs the ink, its durability and feel are unmatched to other papers like transfer paper.

5- Designing software

All your process starts from here because you need the design for printing and sublimation on your material. You can use CorelDraw or photoshop to make an amazing design. So, make sure your design is ready before starting this project.

6- Canvas

Other than design, you should have the main equipment canvas where you will print your design. If you are using non-polyester material, then follow our instructions in the first couple of steps. But if you have polyester material, make sure it should be at least 40% polyester to get amazing results

7- Heat press

Once printing is done through a sublimation printer. Now you will need a quality heat press machine for pressing the material and the design against each other. It can give you high quality results if you have better sized and have some pressing sense.

8- Hot tape

This is another important piece of equipment you need. Because when you apply the tape and fix the print on the material, it gives accurate and best results. Otherwise, your canvas gets wasted by not getting accuracy.

9- Sandpaper

Through this tool, you can get rid of extra space on the material. And you get the only design area that gives a clean and clear look. Don’t cut the designed area and be careful while cutting extra canvas.

How to Sublimate on Canvas FAQs

Yes, you can put sublimation on canvas even if your material doesn’t have a polyester feature. You can spray the specific area with the sublimation spray to prepare the material. After this all, you can start the sublimation process.

Polyester canvas is the best option to get results more than your expectations. Because sublimation on canvas fabric polyester material remains for many years on the material. It can also be done on the other materials, but the design won’t remain as long as on polyester.

Canvas is used to create the polyester canvas which makes them waterproof coated. They are super durable and the risk of rips get decreases and is long-lasting as well. And polyester sublimation on canvas is highly advise-able and provides good results.

Firstly, you need to understand that printing images on cotton will give you poor results in quality. Also, the design will not go long as the polyester. And sublimation printing also accepts only polyester to produce high-quality prints.

Yes, you can sublimation on a canvas tote bag, but the material should be polyester. If the canvas tote bag isn’t polyester, you can pre-treat the material before the sublimation process.

You can laminate the canvas by wrapping it through lamination paper or butcher paper. It will be protected during the sublimation process and help in absorbing the ink.


Now wrapping up everything in the end that you can easily create any kind of design. That suits your canvas size and can be easily pressed by a heat press machine. This is a great way of sublimating the images on the material to decorate your room or office. And this article is gonna solve the problem that you are facing while sublimation on canvas.

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