How to Make Sublimation Coating

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Sublimation is an exciting process and the excitement goes to a different level when you sublimate your blank products. Because sublimated product gives a different and glamourous look. And sublimation printing is the best method to sublimate your favorite items. But the sublimation on every product isn’t possible because the sublimation printers accept 100% polyester materials to produce the best results. And you need to have the polyester-coated material for sublimation. But let me tell you that if your product is uncoated or non-polyester, don’t need to be worried. To sublimate uncoated material, you will have to coat it first before going for the sublimation process.

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Sublimating the coated material is just a work of a few hours if you are used to it which starts all the way from the design to the pressing level. But sublimation on uncoated material increases the one step. And that is what we have been doing over the years for our business sublimation business.

To get the easiest way to ready the material for the sublimation, make sure to read the full guide with their easy steps. We have prepared a couple of materials and you will also be able to customize your favorite uncoated items for the process. But be sure that you have the quality types of equipment to produce high-quality results.

Now, let’s start the guide to prepare and sublimate your items with the best method.

How to make sublimation coating at Home

Before we start the process, let me tell you the required things that make the material ready for the process. Other than all the compulsory materials that you always need to complete the project like Sublimation printer, heat press, etc. And all this, you must have but here we will be talking about the things to prepare the uncoated material like mugs, tumblers, clothes, mobile covers, woods, and metals as well.

Materials required for preparing the uncoated item:

For Fabric (T-shirt)

  • Fabric sublimation coating spray
  • Spray bottle

For Ceramics (Mugs, Tumbles, Glass)

  • Sublimation liquid for ceramics
  • Brush

How to make sublimation coating for the cotton

Step 1 – Selecting a place for sublimation and use of paper

First of all, you need to select the fabric that you want to sublimate and the design of course. After selecting the fabric, you will need to select the place where you want to print your favorite design. But one thing you must take care of when coating any material before the process begins is that use piece of paper.

You will use it under the fabric and it will protect the product from the overflow to the other side of the fabric. And the whole shirt will get spoiled. When it comes to the clothes, you must use it between the two sides of the fabric to protect the spilling of sublimation coating on the other side.

Step 2 – Using the sublimation coating liquid spray

After selecting sublimating place and then placing the piece of paper, now it’s time to coat the material by using the fabric sublimation coating spray. The sublimation coating spray bottle will allow the material to be 100% polyester fabric.

Just spray that place and the coating solution will get distributed onto the desired place rather than being on a specific point. You will have the long-lasting sublimation on your favorite T-shirt with the vibrant colors and touchless feeling by using the spray bottle.

Step 3 – Let the coated area dry

In this step, you will let the coating section dry. Your coated section’s drying time depends on the coated place and the material itself. If you are using the thick shirt and the large amount t of place you want to sublimate, you have to wait for some time. Once the coated place is dried, now it’s time to sublimate the fabric through a heat press. Before sublimation, you should have the printed design that you design through the sublimation printer.

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Step 4 – Pressing heat press at a suitable temperature

After printing the design and using the quality sublimation ink and paper, the design will take place on the material through the heat press. I would like to suggest one thing that you should ask the manufacturer about the material limitations for the sublimation process. Because one wrong step can burn your item by applying the wrong temperature and the time.

Mostly the fabric has been sublimated at 390 F for 20 seconds to get fully sublimated. In the end, just remove the fabric from the heat press and your design is ready. By following all the steps rightly, you can easily sublimate your uncoated fabric.

How to make sublimation coating for ceramics

Now, we will talk about the sublimation coating for the glass, mug, or tumbler. The step-by-step guide will lead you to successfully coat the material and then transferred the design onto the desired material.

Step 1 – Mixing coating liquid 10 ml in a bowl

It has a bit of a different procedure of sublimation coating than the fabric coating solution. Here, you will make the solution of ceramic coating by mixing up two things in a bowl. In this specific method of coating, the syringe will be needed to take the Ceramic sublimating coating liquid from the bottle. It must have at least 10 ml liquid and just spray it in a bowl.

Step 2 – Mixing both liquids in one bowl

When you purchase that sublimation liquid for glass or tumbler, you get a little bottle with that coating spray. Again, you will take the liquid from that bottle with the measuring of only 0.6 ml with the help of a syringe. Now add this to that bowl in which you have put the 10 ml liquid. And mix these two liquids well until the liquid doesn’t get mixed very well.

You can mix it with a spoon or anything like that and don’t use your fingers for mixing it. Because chemicals can cause damage to your fingers. Careless, if you touch your face after mixing with your fingers, your face can get damaged. So, always be careful while touching such kinds of things. If you are allergic to smelling strong things, then you have to wear a mask while mixing it because it gives a strong smell.

Step 3 – Painting solution to desired ceramic

After mixing the solution, get ready to apply the mixed solution to your desired ceramic. To complete this step, you will be required to purchase the brush. Before painting the tumbler or mug, make sure you have worn gloves to protect your hands. And the other safety precautions you should apply must clean the mug or tumbler before painting to get the cleaner and a smooth finish.

Another thing, some chemicals are very harmful and can damage the place where you drink. I would suggest coating the mug below two or three inches to protect the drinker’s lips. It’s just for advice, although you can ask the manufacturer of the sublimation spray about the instructions.

Step 4 – Let the coated section dry

When you see the mug or tumbler has been coated well, allow maximum time to dry it first, and don’t do anything with it until it doesn’t get well-dried. After drying the mug, you can coat the mug again to make the place better for the sublimation. But if you understand that it’s already coated well, don’t need to be coated again.

Step 5 – Sublimation of the desired material

We have reached the last step which is sublimation coating for tumblers, mugs, and glass. Once the mug is fully coated and dried, it’s time to transfer the design onto the desired material. You will set up the temperature at 400 F for 15 minutes but it depends more on the material. If you don’t know the safety materials required for sublimation in the oven, Make sure to read first how to make a sublimation tumbler.

Just place the design onto the glass or mug and use the oven for sublimation, your design will get ready after some time. And now use the gloves again here to remove the mug from the oven. As the sublimation coating has been done on other materials, sublimation coating on stainless steel can also be done easily by spraying that particular place.


Dye sublimation accepts the powder-coated surface and is considered the best idea for sublimation. But some powders allow for the sublimation process and some do not. You can ask from you have purchased that powder coated tumbler that is this powder good for the sublimation process. If he allows you, you can go for the process.

The sublimation coating is made of many ingredients. Resin, many kinds of solvents, and the dye that dispel when the heat applies.


After providing all the detail about how to do sublimation coating for the fabric and the ceramic. You will be able to prepare your uncoated material within the minutes and the sublimation will be done within a few hours. Just need to make sure that if you want to get sublimation successfully done. All the steps will have to follow.

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