How to Make A Sublimation Mug Wrap in 2022

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You can create your piece of artwork by making your decorative mugs using sublimation. Making matching coffee mugs for your kitchen or as a gift for your friends is easy if you use household products instead of buying them. The finished product is unique because it was made by you, whether you bought it or made it yourself.

how to create sublimation mug wrap

How to Make A Sublimation Mug Wrap

Following are the step to step method for How to make sublimation mug wrap?

Selecting sublimation Graphics

Your selected image should be printed on transfer paper to create the transfer. Choosing an image or graphic to sublimate on a mug is the first step in making a sublimation mug wrap. to use.

Additionally, you can design graphics yourself using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and CorelDRAW. Generally, 10 or 11 oz mugs measure 3″ tall x 9″ wide. Consider this when choosing the size of your sublimation graphics.

Sublimation printing requires sublimation-coated mugs. Manufacturers apply this coating in a factory. Individuals cannot apply the coating themselves.

Some mugs have a tapper that could impede printing; however, on others, full-bleed can be applied to the top and bottom. Ideally, the printer should be about 14.5 inches away from the top and bottom of ceramic mugs that are tapered (either at the top or the bottom). You are now ready for Step 2 of how to make sublimation mug wrap after selecting your sublimation graphics.

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Printing the Graphics

When you have full-size transfer paper (8.5″ x 11″) and have ganged your images, or use pre-sized transfer paper, you can print your custom mugs quickly. Make sure your printer settings are set properly for mug sublimation graphics -To print optimally, choose “mirror image” and select a resolution no higher than 300 DPI (any higher will waste ink and take a long time to print).

Sublimation inks and transfer paper that are compatible with sublimation printing should be chosen for the sublimation mug printer. A coated paper should also be used for printing. Once everything is ready, you can start printing your graphics.

Cutting The Graphics

It is easiest to tape down the image if it is slightly smaller in both directions than the mug. Trim the transfer paper with scissors. Ensure that the face of the image is facing the mug when you turn in the transfer paper.

To prevent the transfer paper from slipping, wrap it tightly around the cup. A firmly-pressed paper will help keep the mug from leaking. The printed transfer should be taped on each end.

Adjusting the setting of dye sublimation Mug

Put the printer on its highest setting, 400 degrees Fahrenheit/204 degrees Celsius, and prepare it for sublimation printing.

Set the timer for 4-6 minutes with the pressure adjustment set to “medium-heavy”. Heat press manufacturers and blank mug manufacturers will determine the exact printing time. To sublimate ceramic mugs with the best results, you will need to experiment (time, temperature, and pressure).

Place the Mug in the Hot Press

At 204 degrees Celsius, the mug heat press begins pressing. The transfer paper should not be wrinkled or folded while in the heat press. Avoid this at all costs. It will ruin your final design if the paper is even slightly creased. To start the process of how to make sublimation mug wrap, gently shut the press.

Make sure the press snaps firmly shut, but do not over-press or you will crack the mug.

Removing Mug From Hot Press

If you have a heat-resistant oven mitt, then you can remove the mug after the desired time has passed. The transfer paper can be removed from the mug easily (a narrow knife and tweezers are helpful).

Cooling of Mug

It is almost time for your mug to be sublimated. After your hot mug has cooled for a while, set it aside for another while. It can be quickly cooled with a low-speed fan (or by keeping it in the freezer for a few minutes).

After that, you should turn on a fan on one end of the mug and angle it 45 degrees, letting it run for three to five minutes until it cools off completely. Transfer the image with gloves after removing the thermal tape. This is the final step of how to make sublimation mug wrap.

Tips For Making Sublimation Mug Wrap

It is impossible for your customers to ever have too many mugs, no matter how many sublimation products are available on the market. It’s because they’re cheap and personal that mugs are so popular. It is essential to get everything right when it comes to making sublimating mugs wraps, to avoid waste. Here are five tips that you can use to ensure your work is of the highest quality.

Check The Completion of Your Cooking

Simply remove some of the paper from the corners of the mug to see if it has been cooked properly. If you are going to sublimate an image, be sure to keep an eye on its quality. You will need to cook the mug for a longer time if you can’t remove the corner portions of the paper. When pressure is not sufficient, you may need to increase it.

Cooling After Sublimation

After you have successfully sublimated the image, you should remove the transfer as soon as possible so that you can begin cooling the mug. To stop the sublimation process, you must cool the mug completely. A ceramic mug with the transfer on it has to be placed in water to cool down.

Trim Top And Bottom Edges Of The Mug

The bottom and top of the mug must be trimmed so that the sublimation paper does not go into the tapered portion. The excess paper will cause the image to wrinkle, which negatively affects its quality.

Appropriate Measurements

Make sure to measure between the tapering parts and adjust the templates accordingly if you want to sublimate the image correctly on the mug. Directly sublimating a print onto the tapered section will not produce a proper print.

For a good print, leave at least three-fourths of an inch between the bottom and top of the handle as there won’t be proper pressure and contact at the handles of the mug.

Temperature of The Oven

Ensure that the temperature of the sublimation oven is 400 degrees to cook the mug properly. The temperature is best measured manually, using a thermometer, because most sublimation ovens do not display it accurately. Low temperatures will undercook your mug.

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