How to do sublimation with Cricut in 2022

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A Cricut machine is a cutting machine that you can use for crafts, DIYs and you can cut things like paper, vinyl, irons and there is even a Cricut machine that can cut thicker and metallic materials like wood or leather fabrics.

how to do sublimation with cricut easypress

As mentioned, Cricut can cut with greater accuracy and speed than would otherwise be achieved by hand. In other words, Cricut is an American type of cutting machine, or computer-controlled cutting machine, designed for local artisans. The machines are used to cut paper, sensors, vinyl, fabric, and other materials such as leather, cardboard, and wood.

How to do Sublimation with Cricut Easy Press

Moreover, is we talk about an easy press Cricut machine, Cricut Easy Press combines machine speed with effortlessness and ease of use of iron in a portable heater to get seamless results in all your metal inserts and heat transfer projects. If you customize shirts or other metal projects, Easy Press is the perfect tool for the job. An easy press Cricut machine is light in weight, gives you outstanding results, and is calm to use. As well as it consumes less time.

However, an easy-to-use Cricut easy press is used to press high temperatures to minimize t-shirts. Whereas, this easy press machine is a device that will help you to design your fabric or other material, easily and quickly. The Cricut press is the greatest option for those who use metal. As well as, its cost is almost the same as a cheap heater, but it adds the benefits of being thin and sharp.

Additionally, this remarkable machine incorporates the Cricut design area where you can re-create your sublimation image using software applications and quickly cut alongside the design, as well as insufficient images. This machine is really very easy to connect and is affordable for anyone. As well as, this machine can work quickly without any software.

Cricut press machine works just as effortlessly as a normal metal but can keep the temperature and set the time. This amazing machine is beneficial if you are using it for a small business as through this machine you can easily sublimate any kind of items in bulk amounts.

Steps to Sublimate A T-shirt with Cricut

Do you want to learn how to do sublimation on a t-shirt through a Cricut easy press machine? Now, here I am going to discuss the step to sublimate a t-shirt using an easy press which can be done at home in no time.

Step 1 – Build Your Design

In the beginning, with the help of Cricut Design Space, you can build your own design. The Cricut design space will help you buy in searching for design in the way you want. It will provide you with thousands of images to select. As well as, choosing designs from the Cricut Design Space will save you time and money. Apart from that, you can also find templates on chrome or you can also search for any kind of design you can from many software.

Step 2 – Using A Sublimation Printer

As soon as the image is done, use a sublimation printer to print the design on the paper you have. A Cricut sublimation printer will help you out in printing your design to a specific paper. The printing through a sublimation printer will give you precise and excellent result without any scratch. Moreover, is it easy and fast to use.

Step 3 – Using Cricut Cricut Cutter Appliance

Once you are done with the process of printing, you can put that printed paper on a mat and cut it down with the help of the Cricut appliance cutter which will help you in outstandingly cutting your image.

Step 4 – Design Placement

Make sure the fabric or shirt is not wrinkled or wet and apply the design printed on it. To avoid moving the image, you can tape that image on your t-shirt so that your t shirt will stick to that mat.

Step 5 – To Set Cricut Easy Press

There are various ways to heat a Cricut easy press machine. Consequently, the important part is to select the accurate degree of temperature. However, the easy press Cricut machine is a perfect choice.  Moreover, this easy press sublimation maker temperatures rapidly and it can also reach 400 degrees. So, for printing the image on the t shirt, you can keep the machine to 350° F for just a minute.

Step 6 – Final Step and Result

To reach the last result you just need to press and grip the machine and hold it lightly for one minute so that the image will be printed neatly. Then, just remove the sheet on which the image was printed and your t-shirt will have the final outcome. The result sublimation through an easy press Cricut machine will be accurate and you can produce many t-shirts at the same time.

Try out sublimating a t-shirt with the help of the Cricut easy press machine, you will surely love and enjoy it.

What is Sublimation Cricut?

If we talk about sublimation Cricut, for Cricut, sublimation is a process where we can use a superior printer, special inks, and papers that can create unique and attractive designs on a variety of blank products. However, you can also use a heat press to transfer your design into coated blank products as well as, it works tremendously with polyester garments.

Sublimation transfer and ink without solid, water-resistant ink sheets, as mentioned above, and the transfer process takes place under high temperatures which is why to make sublimation and infusible ink projects you need metal, heat machine, or compression machine cup.

Can you do sublimation with Cricut?

You can easily do sublimation with Cricut as you can use your Cricut machines to cut out all the designs and patterns you like, prepare for sublimation, and you can easily do the whole process of sublimation with Cricut machines and heat press machine effortlessly and quickly. Additionally, the Cricut sublimation process is the comfort as well as, you can work from home in a fast way.

However, Cricut sublimation has completely changed the way people go about creating DIY at home affordable, compact, and easy to use, this process of sublimation with Cricut is real game-changers. Moreover, the creative freedom you get with sublimation with Cricut is incomparable!

What kind of Cricut can sublimate?

A Cricut machine has a quite different process of sublimation with requires Cricut cutters and heat press machines for sublimation. Cricut can easily do sublimation and benefits you in such a way that your designs are not going to crack, you will surely get a professional result with no effort. A Cricut can sublimate designs on the following.

Blank Substrates

A Cricut can sublimate poly materials designed specifically for sublimation printing such as ornaments, coasters, glass, tiles, wooden planks, puzzles, mice, cell phone cases, cups, bookmarks, etc.

Polyester Fabrics


The polyester clothing items include any king of T-shirts, football caps, scarves, headbands, and bandages (anything made of high-quality polyester or poly blend).

Decoration items

We can also try sublimation on garden flags, towels, pillows, bedsheets, etc. Moreover, the home Decorations and Pictures can also be used for sublimation. As well as we can also sublimate on canvas or wooden printing for wall decoration.

What do we need for sublimation with Cricut?

Do you wanna try out sublimation printing with Cricut hardware? So, to sublimate with Cricut and get a wonderful result. There are a few things you have to buy few things, which are mentioned as follows.

Sublimation Printer

First, to start a sublimation with Cricut, you will have to buy a sublimation printer that will help you in producing sublimation prints. A sublimation printer is a machine that will assist you in printing your image or design onto a specific material (frequently polyester).

Cricut Cutter Machine

As soon as your printing is done on a sublimation paper, move to the next step in which you should have a cutter to cut those designs. For this purpose, you need a Cricut pattern cutting machine. A Cricut cutter machine is a machine that will help you in cutting different designs for your project.

Cricut Heat Press Machine

At last, when everything is ready, the leftover is only to transfer the design from sublimation paper to your fabric, for this last process, the Cricut heat press machine is perfect which will quickly sublimate your design onto the fabric.  However, a heat press machine is a machine that will transfer your designs accurately to your fabric through the heat in no time.

Cricut infusible inks:

Cricut recently announced an exciting new product that will change the way you make T-shirts, clothing bags, coasters, and more! If you ever get frustrated with the way iron-on vinyl (HTV) doesn’t look as strong as you would like, Cricut Infusible Ink will change all that. Cricut Infusible Ink is a new product that provides commercial, durable, high quality heat transfer, durable, and non-stick coating. You should definitely buy these Cricut infusible inks which will make your work or printing easy.

How Cricut Ink Works?

This Cricut infusible ink gives an attractive, optimistic, and elegant result that will never fade or wrinkle. Now, here I am going to show you how this Cricut infusible ink works (step by step):

Selection of a black item

Firstly, at the start, you should choose a blank (on which you have to write through Cricut Infusible Ink), such as, you can select any kind of T-shirt, baby/diaper, bag, or ceramic coasters.

Cricut Infusible ink Transmission Sheets

Secondly, choose Cricut Infusible Ink transmission sheets. The Circuit Infusible Transmission Sheets are the ones on which you can easily infuse any kind of logo, jokes, poetry, or quotes. However, they both features amazing colors and patterns.

Design Selection

Thirdly, when the selection transmission sheet is done. You can make your own design at Cricut Design Space which will provide an unlimited selection of images and you can write there in any font and style you want.

Cricut Machine Cutting

To proceed next, you need a cutter machine to cut your image into a Cricut Infusible Ink transmission piece. With the help of a Cricut cutting machine (Fun, Check, or Manufacturer), you can easily cut the quote or jokes you have written on an infusible transmission sheet.

Cricut Easy Press 2

Moreover, after the cutting of your specific design is done. You can use heat from Easy Press 2 to transfer empty design – your heat source needs to reach at least 390 ° F for heat transfer to take effect. Which will help you in transferring your designs onto the blank item.

Final Outcome

At last, the ink is finally applied to the sheet on which you want it to be transferred – it is not a soluble solvent like Vinyl. Unlike a metal transfer or vinyl system where the image is attached to the top of the base using a type of glue, the Infusible Ink heat transfer becomes one. That’s why it works so well!

Try out working with the amazing Cricut Infusible Inks which gives your outstanding results and you will enjoy it.


Sublimation is a process that uses special ink, a sublimation ink that directs the dye into the fabric fibers. With sublimation, you do not have to worry about the texture you make when using printable transfer as with sublimation printing, the design will live the life of the garment and the design will never crash.

However, the sublimated design is stretchable and it will give a very natural look to the printed fabric. The Cricut sublimation is an easy and quick process that you can do at your home without any effort. We have mentioned above about Cricut, Cricut sublimation and how is Cricut sublimation done. There are many special ins and Cricut cutter machines and heat press machines available in the market which can help you to sublimate through Cricut. If you wanna know more about Cricut sublimation, comment below or follow our website.

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