Best Sublimation Printer for Beginners

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Collecting and keeping memories keeps you in your favorite moments of life; for this purpose, there are two ways: soft forms like smartphones, drives, and PCs, or hard form like prints. Both are alright, but the hard copies and prints bring a different nostalgic feeling, which is why sublimation printers are still in demand! These printers transfer the ink over other substrates like paper, plastic, fabric, and more, which you can keep for years.

Best Sublimation Printer for small business

People, including home hobbyists and entrepreneurs, always search for some top-notch models that make their work easier, faster, and more precise. Therefore, I created a list to relieve you from the loads of effort and time you put into searching for the best sublimation printer for beginners. All products in this article are unsponsored and based on my experience, so I hope it would fulfill your printing expectations too, so let’s begin this discussion:

7 Best Sublimation Printers for Beginners

Epson WorkForce WF-7720 printer Epson WF 7720 – Best Sublimation Printer for Beginners
  • Great build quality
  • ADF automatic feeder
  • Based on precision core technology
  • Various connectivity options
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Brother HL-L2320D Mono Laser Printer Brother HL L2320D – Best Sublimation Printer for Small Business
  • Elementary setup
  • Budget-friendly
  • Compact design
  • Fast printing speed
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Epson Stylus C88+ Inkjet Printer Color Epson Stylus C88+ – Best Starter Sublimation Printer
  • Versatile printer
  • Fast in performance
  • Superlative quality results
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Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8550 Wireless printer Epson ET 8550 – Best Home Sublimation Printer
  • Cartridge-free printing process
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Great for home businesses
  • Include fancy options
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Lexmark MC3224dwe Color Multifunction Laser Printer Lexmark MC3224dwe – Best Entry Level Sublimation Printer
  • Multi-functional
  • Highly compatible to different gadgets
  • Beginner-oriented interface
  • Digital options are included
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HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 wireless printer HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 – Best Sublimation Printer for Business
  • Large paper loading space
  • Sleek profile
  • Automatic ink refilling setup
  • Functions with instant ink
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Epson Expression Premium EcoTank Wireless printer Epson ET 7750 – Best Dye Sublimation Printer for Beginners
  • Deliver professional quality prints
  • No frequent ink filling required
  • Zero cartridges waste
  • Smooth printing process
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1. Epson WF 7720 – Best Sublimation Printer for Beginners

Epson WF 7720 - Best Sublimation Printer for Beginners

Sublimation printing has expanded a lot in years and has become an opportunity for many entrepreneurs. While considering the best sublimation printer for business, the Epson Workforce series always clicked my mind for their performance and long lifespan. After usability and testing, the Epson WF-7720 is my top preference because it is a versatile printer that offers scanning, copying, printing, faxing—all in one, which is an incredible solution for business-oriented users.

WF-7720 – a sleek design printer with no overloaded high-tech specs. The interface is straightforward with intuitive regulators, making it the best starter sublimation printer. The scanning bed located at the top is vast enough to support 11 x 17 in. paper. The addition of an ADF automatic document feeder provides the fastest solution to paper jamming issues. At the front side, there is an 18.5 inches wide panel with some keystrokes and a touchscreen, providing a minimal yet functional interface.

Over that, the paper tray can hold up to 250 pages at once, which reduces your extra effort on putting on sheets repeatedly. You can manually extend the tray to load an extra-large paper for printing. There is a USB A port at the heading side given to transfer files, images, or texts for printing, scanning, or faxing. Then, under the scanning bed, you see inkjet cartridge slots; here to add, the printing quality of WF-7720 is tremendous too, all credit to its high-capacity tint cartridges.

The WF sublimation printer for beginners is based on Precision Core technology designed to deliver matchless printing quality and speed. The WF 7720 prints up to ten colored or eighteen black/white pages in no more than 60 seconds, which is enormous. The Epson printer is engineered to generate more than forty million dots in a second by precise ink placement to follow perfectionism. This next-generation technology has made printing extremely accurate and distortion-less!

Epson WorkForce WF-7720 Wide format Color Inkjet Printer

The WF best sublimation printer for beginners is incredibly efficient in terms of power consumption, as it consumes up to eighty percent less power than laser printers. This way, it would be correct to say that Workforce 7720 will cut down your future electricity bills, so are you ready to make this cost-effective purchase? In contrast, its ink usability is average as it prints around twenty pages by a single cartridge. So, you need to refill the cartridges comparatively a little more often to continue further printing.

The sublimation printing at home would become effortless with the Workforce WF 7720 as it boasts advanced features. You can scan or print a copy or transfer it to any of your devices using wireless connectivity. It also has Wi-Fi Direct option and ethernet port for better control and support. I love the addition of the Epson Connect app, through which you can print your favorite selfies, photos, and text directly from your mobile phone, tablet, Nintendo, or any other smart device. Isn’t it so convenient?

  • Convenient setup
  • High Capacity
  • Compatible with smart application
  • Promising print quality
  • ADF scanning issues might face

In a nutshell, after using numerous printers, I found Epson Workforce WF 7720 the best entry-level sublimation printer for a startup primarily for its build quality, speedy printing process, and advanced features. It is a perfect fit for people who’re looking for an advanced and convenient printer because it boasts a touchscreen panel, Connect application software, ethernet and USB ports, and much more. So, are you ready to buy a new sublimation partner for at least the next five years?

2. Brother HL L2320D – Best Sublimation Printer for Small Business

Brother HL L2320D - Best Sublimation Printer for Small Business

The second choice on this list of best sublimation printers for beginners is none other than Brother HL-L2300D! It is a reliable, speedy, and effective monochrome printer designed for home or office use. As far as its straightforward profile and effortless setup is concerned, I call it the best home sublimation printer. It does not fall among expensive high technology models, as the company kept it pretty simple yet effective at an affordable range. There is much more to reveal about this diva; let’s dig in!

The design of Brother HL -L2300D is defined as “compact and squat”—it is square, 30 cm in depth and width, with gray finishing. The detailing of this smart printer will enhance the overall aesthetics of your workplace, as it shares the profile of expensive professional printers by Brother. In my opinion, the attractiveness of a printer is not a top preference while having a conversation about working of equipment or tool. Still, it is a matter of concern for some appearance-conscious buyers.

The small size of this model doesn’t compromise its features as it comes with boundless specifications which will cover all your printing-oriented tasks. It has 8MB built-in RAM that holds your content ready for printing. The paper tray has a capacity of 250 sheets, and to load large size papers, extend the tray by hand. The printer delivers 2400 x 600 dpi maximum resolution, which is more than expected even for entrepreneurs who cannot negotiate print quality.

Do you know that most printer complaints are about running speed? The slow printing process is genuinely unbearable, even for home use. In this context, the speed of a sublimation printer is a crucial element to consider before spending your bucks. Fortunately, Brother HL-L2300D has provided us with an unsurpassable solution by promising twenty-six pages printing in no more than sixty seconds. This is utterly fast and more than expectations over the offered price tag!

Speed isn’t the whole thing, of course, so let’s move on to the next factor, which is “print quality.” When you’re doing a startup, customers are like oxygen to your business; therefore, never compromise quality. In this sense, Brother L2300D is the best sublimation printer for small businesses for its impressive print quality. Texts, images, font styles, graphics, and tones are all crisp and clear with no banding or fadedness, which brings you a solid and worthwhile printing experience.

Moreover, I found this model great for everyday printing because of its quality and convenience and its silent functioning. It is pretty quiet compared to other models that continuously produce an irritating churning sound, which disturbs my peaceful working zone. Over that, its energy-efficiency mode is striking, too, as the printer has a self-power-saving ability that makes printing jobs more profitable by reducing the electricity costs.

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  • Affordable
  • Beginners-friendly setup
  • Long-lasting
  • Lacks wireless options

In conclusion, the Brother L2300D is the best sublimation printer for beginners that prints at enormously fast speed and deliver excellent quality resolution. The interface is easy to use, even for entry-level users. Besides, it has vast loading space, extendable tray, and wired connectivity ports which brings an excellent printing experience. As it is a monochromatic printer, it utilizes black ink only and lacks additional modern options, which is okay considering its budget-friendliness.

3. Epson Stylus C88+ – Best Starter Sublimation Printer

Epson Stylus C88 plus - Best Starter Sublimation Printer

Let’s make the best home sublimation printer list more abundant by adding the Epson Stylus C88+! It is an inkjet printer that propels ink drops onto the substrate, for instance, paper, plastic, fabric, or more. Inkjet printing creates digital images or fonts flawlessly in less time; this computer printing type has many perks, but it stands out most for being the affordable choice than laser printing. Inkjet printers became more common after 2008, and among all, Epson Stylus C88+ is my first choice!

The Epson Stylus C88+ is enough to cover all your printing press jobs effectively because it is a versatile, best-performing, budget-friendly, and power-efficient unit available in today’s market. I consider it the best sublimation printer for beginners because of its primary user interface and impressive speed. Likewise, the accuracy of this top-grade printing machine is appreciable, too, as it delivers crystal clear prints. There is a lot more to say about this machine, so let’s begin!

As I said before, getting a slow printer sounds disgusting as it ruins your pace and experience. In this sense, the Epson Stylus C88 plus is a worthwhile printer for its speedy performance. It can print upto twenty-three monochrome pages and around fourteen colored pages in a minute. Isn’t it incredible? It is even faster than Epson Workforce printers and other expensive models. In my opinion, this superlative printer is excellent for office work, home offices, or even light to medium level businesses.

The print quality is something you’re paying for; therefore, compromising on quality over price never sounds like a good idea. But what if you get high-quality prints at a pocket-friendly range? Yes, that’s possible with C88plus, which offers 5760 x 1440 dpi resolution prints. Quality printing depends on the printer, and the ink used because low-quality tints give birth to fading or smudging issues. This printer has been designed to work with DURA-Brite ultra-photo ink for years.

The Epson Stylus printer and scanner have standard ink cartridges, including black, magenta, yellow, and cyan, and deliver vibrant, colorful prints. The ink consumption is pretty old-styled as it lacks advanced functions that facilitate efficiency in tint consumption. It has no discount programs as this printer is traditional compared to other fancy printing machines on this list. Let’s keep it short; I would say the running cost of this printer cum scanner is higher than Brother Inkjet printers.

As revealed in the last paragraph, the Epson C88 plus is not a newbie in today’s printing industry; therefore, it lacks advanced features. For instance, Wi-Fi connectivity, ethernet, or other wireless options. However, as far as wired connections are concerned, it does possess USB ports and other parallel options for data transferring. Keeping it straightforward, I like to say that Epson Stylus is recommended for buyers who’re not more into fancy features and instead want quality performance and durability.

Epson Stylus C88 plus Inkjet Printer Color printer
  • Speedy printing process
  • Resist smudging
  • Superior quality
  • Lacks advanced specs

Long story short, the Epson Stylus printer C88 + is the best printer for beginners because of its elementary design. This printer has no high technology controlling options; it has simple yet efficient features that are not difficult to handle. Shortly, it is enough to cover all your printing press jobs effectively because it is a versatile, best-performing, budget-friendly, and power-efficient unit available in today’s market.

4. Epson ET 8550 – Best Home Sublimation Printer

Epson ET 8550 - Best Home Sublimation Printer

It would be unfair not to pick any Epson’s EcoTank series product because of its top-grade quality printing, environmental friendliness, and affordability. The EcoTank printers bring numerous perks, including high-resolution quality, primary interface, advanced features, and more. Among all, I picked Epson EcoTank Photo ET 8550 for its extraordinary compatibility, cost-effectiveness, and more. It is again an inkjet printer; let’s see its distinctive features!

The Epson EcoTank Photo ET 8550 is the best sublimation printer for beginners that offers a cartridge-free printing process. How is this possible? The Epson has integrated a superlative quality ink bottle that requires no frequent refilling and provides a hassle-free printing solution to use! I found it great specifically for home-oriented businesses because freshers usually find ink placements challenging, which becomes a hurdle in continuing their startups. So, now you’re all set to become an entrepreneur!

Over that, this cartridge-free printing makes the device an eco-friendly machine as it cuts down the plastic waste generated by those traditional fillers. This factor caught my whole attention and forced me to get this one, but later I discovered the fantastic printing efficiency, speed, and overall performance of this long-lasting printer. It produces lab-quality creative graphics with the vibrant and precise color distribution. Shortly, you’ll never get disappointed spending on this top-level printing device.

Sublimation printing at home becomes effortless with Epson’s EcoTank printer as it offers unbearably versatility! It supports USB connectivity, ethernet cable, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, application software connectivity, and more. You can transfer selfies, group photos, graphics, documents, fonts, pdfs, and more through wired and wireless means to get the finest quality prints. I bought this printer to complete a creative project back then, and this printer made that task happen flawlessly in no time!

Furthermore, the speed of this printing machine is appreciable too; it offers both: black and white and colored prints. There are six color inks included in the set that comes along the package and is enough for printing upto 6200 pages. In other words, there is no need to refill before those six thousand above pages—this way, it saves the extra effort, time, and money that traditional ink fillers demand. In a rough guess, the bottle ink set that comes with this printer is enough for up to two years, which is astonishing!

In a few words, this best home sublimation printer is excellent for covering home or office-related printing tasks. It can work on different substrates and paper sizes using various connectivity options. Another thing that pinched me to review this article is the “dual-sided feature” that automatically prints both sides of the paper. For your information, you need to repeat the command by flipping over the page to get dual-sided prints in traditional printers, so this feature saves additional labor or time!

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  • Deliver detailed prints
  • Touchscreen panel
  • Saves ink cost
  • Includes fancy features
  • Jamming complaints by few buyers

Let’s promote the “zero-cartridges waste” slogan by spending money on an EcoTank printer integrated with ink bottles that require no frequent refilling. This also saves your additional cash, effort, or time you put in traditional refills. Suppose you want an innovative and modern style sublimation printer. In that case, there is no better choice than ET-8550 as it offers a touchscreen panel, automatic dual-sided printing, speedy procedure, noise-free printing and scanning, wireless connectivity option, and much more.

5. Lexmark MC3224dwe – Best Entry Level Sublimation Printer

Lexmark MC3224dwe - Best Entry Level Sublimation Printer

Next in the order is Lexmark’s MC3224dwe—the best sublimation printer for hobbyists! It is all one printer designed for home-based offices or medium-level startups. It is affordable, multi-functional, versatile, efficient, and compatible, taking your printing experience to the next level. It is a laser printer with numerous advantages like speedy performance, precise printing, and budget-friendliness than traditional inkjet printers. If you’re ready to avail all those perks, continue reading!

Lexmark’s MC3224dwe is another best printer for beginners—all credits to its elementary interface possess convenience yet production controlling features. It has a vast sheets loader, a control panel with keystrokes and screen, and connectivity ports. However, the setup lacks an automatic document feeding feature, but that’s okay considering its budget-friendliness. In my opinion, its interface is well suited for copying and printing up to medium-level tasks.

The dimensions of a printer require consideration, too, as if you end up with a very small or a bulk printer, their placement at your workplace would become impossible. Therefore, roughly measure the size of the compartment or table where you want to position the machine before purchasing. In my opinion, positioning a printing machine in your range helps a lot; otherwise, you need to relocate all the time. In short, the Lexmark’s has 12.2 x 16.2 x 15.5 inches (height x width x depth) dimensions.

It is highly compatible as it comes with a built-in web portal that allows users to access various elements and configurations. For example, security settings, browser, Android or iOS devices, and internet connectivity. These wireless options are more convenient and faster than USBs and cable transfers. Over that, it has page description language shortly as a PDL version that allows graphic designers to use this printing machine as a press proofreader or composite printing machine.

Laser technology has brought color printing to the next level! I am impressed with this top-notch printer’s vibrance and distortionless clear images and graphics. If you own a home-based sublimation printing business, you’ll be satisfied with the quality of the MC2535adwe machine. In addition, the sheet loader is enough to carry 250 papers at once, which reduces the effort and time wasted on frequent reloading. The input capacity is enough, but you can also expand the tray to load more!

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  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Incredible print quality
  • Elementary interface
  • No ADF

Wrapping it up, Lexmark’s MC3224dwe stands out as the best sublimation printer for tumblers because of its convenience, efficient performance, and affordability. It is integrated with laser technology that provides next-level color printing! So are you ready to have vibrant and distortionless clear images and graphics? Over that, this printer is multi-functional, versatile, efficient and compatible with smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops, and other gadgets.

6. HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 – Best Sublimation Printer for Business

HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 - Best Sublimation Printer for Business

If you have ever been to the electronics market, HP is the name you must have heard! The brand has been a trendsetter for selling top-grade PCs, laptops, and printers. I found HP Officejet Pro 9025 an outstanding model for its boundless features, including paper loading capacity, ADF loading tray, speedy performance, and more. Considering its profile and performance, it is a worthwhile printer for buyers who have limited space in their workplace and want a front-runner model.

The Officejet Pro is the best dye-sublimation printer for home use. It aims to show compatibility with upto medium-level businesses by offering high-quality prints at a low time and affordable rate. The printing machine integrates instant ink technology that reduces ink costs by seventy percent. The best thing about this system is that you don’t need to frequently refill the ink or get stuck somewhere due to ink shortage; all credits to its automatic tint ordering mechanism.

Moreover, the design of this flagship device is sleek and user-friendly as it has a display screen with few keystrokes like start, end, arrows, and more. HP has shrunk the screen size in this printer, but as far as usability is concerned, OfficeJet Pro’s interface is flatter and clearer than its predecessors. According to the company, this printer is re-engineered to make it a space-saving model. Let’s keep the discussion to the point, the design of this printer is beginner-friendly, sleek, and smooth.

HP 9015 printer

As I have mentioned before, there is no need for frequent refilling with this exceptional printer, so let’s talk about the yield of ink volume given. The CMY or Cyan, magenta, and yellow cartridges contain enough ink to print more than 1600 sheets, while black ink volume is sufficient for over 3000 pages, which is enormous. As a conventional printer user, I felt a clear difference after getting my hands on this effortless device, so are you ready to experience the same thing?

While buying a printing machine, connectivity matters a lot as this determines how you’ll transfer the data you need to print. Let’s assume you purchased a printer that is compatible with a PC or laptop, but you only own a smartphone; how would you share files or images for printing? Therefore, consider a compatible or suitable printing machine like HP Officejet Pro 9025—an extremely compatible device that gets connected to USB, PCs, smartphones, tablets, Nintendo, or other sources via ethernet cable.

  • Vast capacity
  • Faster than usual models
  • Elementary interface
  • Compatible with instant ink

In a few words, the HP Officejet Pro 9025 is an outstanding model that comes with boundless features, including paper loading capacity, ADF loading tray, speedy performance, and more. It is integrated with instant ink technology that saves your extra time, effort, and money on cartridge refilling and offers a smooth and continuous printing experience.

7. Epson ET 7750 – Best Dye Sublimation Printer for Beginners

Epson ET 7750 - Best Dye Sublimation Printer for Beginners

Last but not the least, the Epson Expression Premium EcoTank is another best sublimation printer for beginners that facilitates a fast and efficient printing process. When it comes to buying a printer, Epson is my top preference because of my past good experiences with their devices. The primary reason why I am considering the Expression premium is excellent print quality because compromising over resolution sounds like a worthless deal.

You might be thinking, what makes the print quality better in this printer? Print quality depends mainly on two things: printer and ink. In other words, an excellent printer can do nothing if it is loaded with cheap quality ink and vice versa. The combination of high-quality genuine Epson ink and professional-grade Premium EcoTank printer delivers unsurpassable results.

Do you want to eliminate those hassle conventional cartridge printers that require frequent ink placement? Get a smoother printing and scanning process with this best sublimation printer for beginners, equipped with ink bottles that need no refilling. The bottle is more prominent in size than a cartridge and stores enough ink to print upto fourteen thousand black and white pages and nine thousand coloring pages. In short, this ink tank is sufficient for your next two years, which is incredible!

“Eco” is derived from ecology, meaning conversationism or environmentalism. Let’s keep it simple…as I said before, the Premium EcoTank printer features a no-cartridges printing process, which not only reduces your additional time, effort, and money on refillers but also reduces the waste of plastic cartridges to zero. The world is facing a plastic pollution crisis, which is alarming news these days, so let’s take this purchase as an opportunity to play our part in saving our motherland!

  • Eco-friendly printer
  • No printing mistakes
  • High-quality ink
  • Expensive

In conclusion, the Epson Premium EcoTank comes with the excellent build quality, convenience, and a fast printing process. It is compatible with genuine Epson ink that delivers distortion-less professional-grade prints. So, if you’re the one that doesn’t compromise on quality, you’ll not regret buying this superlative model.

FAQs for Beginner’s Sublimation Printer

The best sublimation printer for beginners is the one that possesses good quality images, graphics, or texts over substrates, by demanding low effort and time. In my opinion, Epson Workforce printers are great for sublimation because of their constant ink delivery and vibrant color transfers. If you want to know more about the best sublimation printer for beginners, please go through this article!

Printers are based on different technologies to deliver distinctive tasks; likewise, sublimation printers are designed for sublimation printing only. Switching the inks sounds like a risky idea because it might ruin the printing quality or even the device. In my opinion, please don’t take non-compatible steps.

Yes! Epson is among the top-notch brands that sell professional-grade sublimation printers. If you opt for an Epson printing device, I highly recommend using Epson’s genuine ink bottles only to get the best results. Otherwise, cheap quality tints fade quickly and will ruin the quality of prints.


Whether you’re doing a business or want a printer for office or home use, getting low-quality prints is disgusting! To relieve you from the loads of effort and time you put into searching for the best sublimation printer for beginners, I created a list that contains some top-notch models from today’s market. All these products are unsponsored and selected by my own experience, so you’ll not disappoint spending on them. Among all, my favorite workplace partners are:

  • Epson WF-7720 has a convenient setup, high sheets capacity, high compatibility, and promising printing quality.
  • Lexmark MC3224dwe for its multiple connectivity options, incredible print quality, and elementary interface.
  • HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 for its vast paper loading capacity, speedy printing process, and instant ink technology.

A few things demand your prior consideration while spending bucks over a printer, such as connectivity options, size, space requirements, use and purpose, and price. If you address those factors, you’ll end up with an incredible device. So, choose wisely!

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