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Andrew Chapman

I’m Andrew Chapman and I have written all the content for this website I own this website as well. Almost 10 years ago, we started the sublimation business. Now it has been scaled up and we are running it at a higher level. When we did start this business, we were new to the sublimation business. We faced a lot of difficulties while choosing the right printer for the right material. And choosing the right heat press for the right material.


After getting some experience and having been there in the market for some years, we have gone through some important things. And those things surely will be more important for the newbies. The purpose of making this website is to help all the newbies who are going to start this business. And looking for the guidance of sublimation & printing business. We have been working as a team for helping out all of the visitors. This website won’t only help you to find the best printer for sublimation, but also will help you to make your design through the sublimation design software.

And then printing through the sublimation printer and last pressing the design onto the material through a heat press. Through our experience, we have sublimated all the materials that are considered to be best for sublimation. And even that we have sublimated the uncoated materials that can be sublimated. Whatever the confusion you face about the sublimation, our site will take you out of this confusion and will let your project complete.

Let me tell you that, when you buy the sublimation printer and heat press at a discounted price, you think you have done the job. But it’s not as easy as you are taking it and it’s not difficult as well. But buying these expensive requirements can pay you off if you adopt the right method and strategy. And all the strategies for different materials have been discussed in detail.

Currently we have started a business of printing stickers and we will guide our visitors about how to start sticker business. I am sure you will love this blog because we are providing legit information after 10 years of experience. If you want to contact for then text us through contact us page.